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Pyramid Consulting Inc, Alpharetta, GA Aug 2022 – Sep 2023

Full Stack Software Engineer

  • Reworked front end code base to drastically improve runtime by 15X by removing non-clean code and deprecated functions.

  • Implemented edge-case code fixes for less popular operating systems and older mobile devices to ensure customer experience was not compromised. This involved also updating encoding and ensuring the translation system was updated.

  • Using angular created new components to ensure creation, editing, and removal of banking transfers on mobile application.

  • Collaborated with team members to prioritize task based on bank’s standard features not yet available.


Pyramid Consulting Inc, Alpharetta, GA Apr 2022 – Aug 2022

Backend Software Engineer

  • Using Java Springboot environment created complex client exception and error handling for mobile banking application.

  • Created and modified endpoints to return updated data points to fulfill client and business needs.

  • Updated and created tests for changes made to code-base and micro services will attention to detail in the event of receipt of wrong or incorrect JSON body or header responses.

Fraud Analyst, American Express Itasca, IL Sep 2018- Oct 2021

  • Identified and mitigated root causes of customer issues, resulting in substantial cost savings by preventing millions of dollars in potential software defects and system vulnerabilities.

  • Effectively communicated complex technical information to clients and internal stakeholders, fostering collaboration and trust while discussing issues with software engineers.

  • Demonstrated empathy and adaptability in addressing client needs and feedback, implementing Agile methodologies to deliver software solutions that met or exceeded client expectations and contributed to enhanced user experience.

Software Engineer, PawByte LLC, Chicago, IL Jan 2014 – Sep 2018

  • Developed an open source video game engine that applied the principles of object-oriented design, polymorphism and safe data handling.

  • Developed a fully functional and easy to customize GUI library built in native C++ code that is built on top of new open source game engine. This involved emulating native GUI or browser based elements behaviors and properties. Custom made GUI elements included, but were not limited to buttons, taskbar, pop ups, toolbars, micro-regions, tabs, text editors, text input fields, drop down menus and labels.

  • Utilized both either SDL2 or raylib to handle clients windows, input, graphics, sounds and controllers.

  • Researched and created effective gameloop for optimal performance, time and state system, collision, physics and scene rendering.

  • Created micro-applications for handheld devices to test functionality and continue porting software for lower powered devices.

Nathan Hurde

Professional Experience


Developer Tools : BitBucket, Confluence, GitHub, Jenkins, MySQL, Postman, Virtualization Servers

Programming Languages : C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Lua, PHP, Python, SQL, Unix Shell scripting,

Frameworks and APIs : Angular, React, SpringBoot, LibSDL, raylib, Bootstrap

Skills : AGILE, Communication, Documentation, SDLC, Software Development, Testing


Expected Graduation 2025: University of Illinois at Springfield, Masters Degree

Major: Computer Science


Graduated 2013 University of Illinois at Chicago, Bachelors Degree

Major: Political Science

Awards and Other Achievements

  • Guest speaker at ProIndieDev Conference in March 2018.
  • 2nd Place in Men Against Sexual Violence Bystander Intervention 2012 Film Contest at UIC.
  • Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter at UIC member
  • Linux Users Group Student Chapter at UIC member