Game Pencil Engine

Programmer and Designer
(Regularly Updated)
Made in C/C++ and modular backends. This is the mothership of all of Nathan's projects. A game engine made with modular design. From the GUI, game loop, editor and more this project has taken years to create and is a labor of love to gaming and technology.

3D Model Primer Pro​

Programmer and Designer​​
Made in Game Maker 8.1 Back when Game Maker did not have great 3D support Nathan created a simple 3D model importer and editor to allow for those interested to modify .obj files.  Utilizing trigonometry, matrices and a basic custom UI. 


Ongoing Project Being developed in Game Pencil. This project handles RPG and farming mechanics.  Coded with C++ this project is expected to be completed by end of 2022.

Underground Throne​

Prototyped in Game Maker 8.1 This project utilizes Game Maker's 3D functionality. Managing complex RTS ai state management as well as a grid based map. This project will continue via Game Pencil Engine and is a love letter to dungeon management sims and RTSs.

Flappy Crow​

A quick HTML5 demo made via Game Pencil Engine to showcase random platform generation, scrolling backgrounds.

Lug 2013 Hackathon​

Made in Game Maker 8.1 over the course of 12 hours. This little game explored quick adventure design and basic enemy AI.

Super Crazy Pong​

Made in Game Pencil Engine 1.x via Javascript/HTML. This example was added to GameJolt.com and features ball physics, local multiplayer and a basic UI.

Handheld Tic Tac Toe​

Made in C/C++ and SDL. This was a test project to begin working with lower powered MIPS devices. With many optimizations to the render phase as well as possibly one of the first "humanlike" AI for a Tic Tac Toe Game. Coding an AI to taunt and reply to the grid was fun.

Full Stack websites made via PHP+SQL and HTML/CSS:

Older website projects that was built via PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. This includes the front-end and the back-end of the web development.

Private clients not listed, but does include Fortune 500 companies.


Programmer and Designer
(Regularly Updated)
Created a professional tourism website for Gary, Indiana to highlight the region and give public information for those interested in visiting the city. Collaborated with local businesses for events and data.

Here is an example of a website modified via the WordPress platform. This simply included just the front-end of the website.

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