Nathan Hurde

Rejoice, your day just improved!



Programmer and Designer

(Regularly Updated)
Made in C/C++ and JS.

3D Model Primer Pro

Programmer and Designer​

Cancelled Project
Made in Game Maker 8.1

Game Projects

Fields of Fresh

Ongoing Project
Being developed in Game Pencil

Underground Throne

Halted Project
Prototyped in Game Maker 8.1

Small Game Projects

Lug 2013 Hackathon

Made in Game Maker 8.1

Super Crazy Pong

Made in Game Pencil Engine 1.x

Tic Tac Toe

Made in C/C++ and SDL

Web Development

Older website projects that was built via PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. This includes the front-end and the back-end of the web development.

Web Design

Here is an example of a website modified via the wordpress platform.This simply included just the front-end of the website.